Financial Economics

The role of financial markets in shaping global economic architecture has gained momentum by the rapid improvements in information and communication technologies. Globalization has led to standardization of products and technological infrastructure and thus, integration and interdependence of the financial markets. Today, financial transactions in banking, capital markets and other financial services take only seconds, even milliseconds. This brings a huge competition among the markets. An event or crisis in any corner of the World may easily affect financial markets in different countries.

Financial Economics MSc Program to be run by the cooperation of the Departments of Economics and Management of Ibn Haldun University is designed for participants who wish to increase their understanding of the financial markets and the global economy.

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Thesis Program 

Non-Thesis Program

Global competition requires high-quality human resources who know financial markets, their structures and operations very well. This issue is particularly important for cities and regions competing to be an International Financial Center.

To this end, institutions and individuals need more sophisticated training programs to increase the financial literacy and to improve knowledge accumulation about financial markets for the community in general and for decision makers in particular.

Academic Staff

Prof. Mustafa K.Yılmaz
Financial Markets

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Prof. Mohamad Lutfi Hammour

mohamad.hammour @

Assoc. Prof. Rasim Özcan
Market Microstructure

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Dr. Nihat Gümüş
Islamic Finance

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Dr. Yusuf Varlı
Real Estate Financing

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Dr. Omar Ahmad KACHKAR
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sadullah YILDIRIM

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Macro Economics

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Part-Time Scholars
Prof. Bülent GÜLOĞLU
Assoc.Prof. Resul AYDEMİR
Assist.Prof. Ayşegül Kayaoğlu YILMAZ