Business Management

The recent changes and developments taking place in information technology and international trade over the last two decades have dramatically accelerated the pace of globalization. The world is becoming more dynamic and homogeneous. Distinctions between national markets are fading and for some products will disappear altogether.

Participation in global business has begun to shift from a mere ‘option’ to an imperative. A change in business orientation is, therefore, urgently needed on the part of businesses in order to remain competitive in global markets. To survive, business people need to understand global markets, further develop their skill set and react to changes proactively.

Thesis Program ( TR )

Non-Thesis Program (TR)

Thesis Program ( EN )

Non-Thesis Program (EN)

Ibn Haldun University offers an MBA Programme, which is designed for participants who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the market realities and practices of global business arena.

Participants upon graduation will be in a better position to manage business operations more effectively and to carry out businesses in foreign regions and/or countries with integrated knowledge and database.

Academic Staff

Prof. Ekrem Tatoğlu
Contemporary Management

mail : ekrem.tatoglu @

Prof. Mustafa K.Yılmaz
Financial Markets

mail : mustafayilmaz @

Prof. Mahmut Arslan
Business Ethics

mail : mahmut.arslan @

Dr. Sümeyye Kuşakçı

sumeyye.kusakci @

Dr. Ahmet Kaplan
Digital Economy

ahmet.kaplan @

Dr. Çetin Ali Dönmez
Capital Markets

mail : cetinali.donmez @

Dr. Nihat Gümüş
Islamic Finance

mail : nihat.gumus @

Dr. Ali Osman Kuşakçı
Operations Management

mail : aliosman.kusakci @

Part-Time Scholars
Prof. Dr. Remzi ALTUNIŞIK
Prof. Dr. Halit KESKİN
Prof. Dr. Ali Ekber AKGÜN
Prof. Dr. Rıfat KAMAŞAK
Prof. Dr. Yavuz GÜNALAY
Prof. Dr. Selim ZAİM
Doç. Dr. Ahmet ERKUŞ