Air Transport Program

Turkish civil aviation industry has been undergoing a remarkable growth since the early 2000s. With remarkable investments on aviation infrastructure, the number of civil airports will amount to 60 in the near future and solely Istanbul will attain to a total annual passenger capacity of more than 200 million with its three airports.

It is a matter of fact that availability of qualified experts and managers is a sine qua non for the sustainable development of the air transportation industry.  To this end,  the MSc Program in Air Transport Management (ATM) at Graduate School of Business (GSB) of IHU aims to educate qualified professionals and visionary managers to the air transportation industry through the courses provided by internationally recognized trainers and academic stuff in cooperation with Turkey’s global brand, THY’s Aviation Academy, and AIRBUS.

Detailed information for the program can be downloaded from here.

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The Air Transport Management Master Program is a unique program delivered by instructors from the most prominent institutions in the field of aviation such as Airbus, Air Business Academy, and Ibn Haldun University.

Air Transport Management aims to educate and guide high potential students on their road to becoming the future executives and managers of airlines within the region as well as global players.